Kate Middleton’s £10million Dress & The Queen’s Influence on Fashion

With news that the public exhibition of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress has raised £10 million for the Royal Family, we felt it appropriate to share this article from the BBC, taking a look at The Queen’s influence on fashion. Not least for the excellent images!

Does the Queen do fashion?

She is one of the most photographed women in the world, but how much of a sartorial influence has the Queen had?

The Queen might be visiting a hospital one day, or welcoming a world leader the next – and her clothes are her uniform.

But just how much has she influenced ordinary women’s dress?

“To design a dress for the Queen means you are creating something for the world’s most famous woman, who’s seen by more people on a daily basis than anyone else. She also has an image in people’s minds that you have to fulfil,” says Stewart Parvin, who’s been designing for the Queen since 2000.

He has to work around the rules – the Queen always wears a two-inch heel, hemlines must be well below the knee, and she always carries a handbag.

“She has to wear strong colours, she’s very tiny, and in a block colour with a wonderful hat, she stands out – she’s a real focal point,” he adds. Read the rest here.

Dolce & Gabbana’s autumn/winter 2008-09 show gave a sartorial nod to the Queen

Was the post-war period the Queen’s Golden Age for fashion? Norman Hartnell designed her sumptuous evening gowns, and Hardy Amies designed much of her daywear

Hats off – or should that be on? The Queen is known for her choice of headwear


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