Frank Cooper’s Oxford Marmalade

What does the Queen eat for breakfast? Marmalade, of course. And not just any old marmalade, but Frank Cooper’s marmalade; yes, the very marmalade we sell in-store. Because if it’s good enough for Queenie, it’s good enough for us!

A bittersweet, citric jam made from oranges and sugar, Frank Cooper’s is a real tale of the British Dream (that’s the precursor to the American one…). Mr Cooper was an Oxford shopkeeper and his wife cooked up the first batch of eponymous marmalade in 1874. It was so good that by 1901, they had a whole factory making the stuff!

Made to the same recipe all these years later, the full range includes a Course Cut and Fine Cut variety alongside Vintage Marmalade and Strawberry Conserve. We sell it in our Greenwich Village store, and can also ship. Email us at or call us on: 212-989-9735, to have yourself a royally good breakfast!


2 thoughts on “Frank Cooper’s Oxford Marmalade

  1. I love your marmalade and have been buying it for 50 years, I am 86 and the arthritis in my hands makes it impossible to open the new sloping shaped lid. Why did you have to change from a flat sided lid which I can open easily with the lid opener ?

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