Prince Harry Nude in Las Vegas: Tea & Sympathy’s Nicky on NBC Channel 4 News

So, guess what’s been top of the agenda here in Little Britain the last few days. Our ever-continuing search for the finest British fare has been put on hold as attention turns to…. Prince Harry’s bum! Yes, thanks to TMZ, we now know what a royal ass looks like. And we’re not talking about Prince Phillip. NBC Channel 4 were quick stopped by to get Nicky’s appraisal of events for the 5 ‘o’ clock news and we think she summed it up perfectly: we’re all having a good giggle about it, but we’re pretty sure Her Majesty ain’t!

This is, of course, a mock-up. If you find the actual footage, please send it our way!

We came across a couple of interesting depictions of the event, in which Harry played billiards naked in a Vegas hotel room. First up, is the front page of The Sun. The British media are very cautious when it comes to offending the royals, and none of the papers have given air to the images. But that didn’t stop Britain’s widest read tabloid from getting a poor old journalist to strip down and pose for these reconstruction shots.

Next up, a bizarre painting of P Hazza playing “pancake billiards”. Top marks for response time, but can anyone explain the pancake? While we’re all for the culinary reference, we don’t quite understand it? And as we go to print, this stunner has only made it up to $21 on eBay so splash out and this beauty could be pride of place on your bedroom wall…

And if you’re after the pictures themselves, well you’re looking in the wrong place. Don’t get us wrong, definitely take a look, and have a good chuckle like we did, over on TMZ.

Prince Harry and Ryan Lochte partying in a Las Vegas swimming pool. We wonder if his highness challenged the Olympian to a race to impress the ladies? Hope not!

And Hazza, next time you’ve got your kegs down, why not give us a glimpse of the crown jewels as well!


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