The Great Full English Breakfast

Ah, Friday afternoon, one of our favorite times of the week. Followed closely by Friday evening, that beautiful feeling of the weekend ahead, a few drinks, a few more drinks, a few more, bed, hangover and… breakfast!

We truly believe the Brits make the best breakfasts in the world. Heavy on the protein, strictly savory, all liberally fried, with plenty of sauce and a healthy amount of veg, the great British fry-up is hungover heaven on a plate. Here are our favorite photos taken by customers and posted online.

And don’t forget the tea… as strong and as milky as you like! The perfect post-booze sustenance.

7 thoughts on “The Great Full English Breakfast

  1. And don’t forget the black pudding! My wife loves The Full Veggie when we’re in on a Saturday morning! It doesn’t get any better than The Full Monty and The Full Veggie!

  2. How do you actually get your scrambled eggs to develop such small, moist curds? I never even saw eggs prepared that way until I was in London and I never figured out how to replicate it.

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