Weetabix… Don’t Let Them Go Soggy!

America likes its breakfast cereals sweet, colourful, and largely made up of marshmallow. With cereals in Britain, we have a reputation for being a bit blander  – but the country’s not too worried, downing 6.7kg of the stuff each per year! British adult breakfast cereals may not be appealing to the eye (we’re looking at you, porridge!) but more than make up for it with lower sugar levels and great taste. In this week’s British Pantry we take a look at Weetabix, which isn’t just the most popular cereal in the UK, it’s also – for better or worse – a part of the culture too.

Weetabix in Popular Culture

Weetabix Skins

Advertising for Weetabix in the 1980s featured the ‘Weetabix Skins’, a skinhead gang that threatened viewers to “make it neat wheat mate… If you know what’s good for you!” OK!!!

Jon Stewart

The Daily Show presenter is pretty hilarious when turning his attention to most topics, and Weetabix is no exception. During a Daily Show package on American soldiers working in Afghanistan, he said:

“To the NATO Allies that we met. The troops from the other countries that were there. That give so much. Your service is much appreciated. But that is no excuse to introduce Weetabix to our troops. I’m sorry. That is not a breakfast. That is a building material.”

The Weetabix Challenge

Two minutes to consume two Weetabix with no liquid. Is it possible? [LANGUAGE WARNING]

Liam Gallagher

After Manchester United and England footballer Wayne Rooney had a hair transplant, pundits were at a loss with how best to describe it. Former Oasis singer and Manchester City fan Liam Gallagher stepped in, describing Rooney as “A balloon with a Weetabix crushed on top.”

2 thoughts on “Weetabix… Don’t Let Them Go Soggy!

  1. I can’t stop laughing! After a year in Australia and experiencing Weetabix I have to agree with Jon Stewart that it is not a cereal—-it soaks up a gallon of milk per biscuit and is still dry dry dry!!!! Loved the 2 minute challenge and totally thought it was dangerous to do it—–glad he came out of it okay!!! Thanks for the chuckles today!

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