Is there a ROYAL MOLE??!?

Scandal! Three days after James Bond’s 50th Anniversary, it seems someone in Buckingham Palace could be taking a leaf from the book of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, one of Bond’s arch-nemeses. Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry allegedly have been warned that someone close to them may be leaking information to the media.

Surely the solution here is staring the Windsors in the face: feed false news stories to different members of the palace corps, and see what turns up in the tabloids! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge might be getting a royal cat; Prince Harry’s been eschewing polo for darts; maybe the Queen has an actual role in the next Bond film! We’re just spitballing, but if one thing’s for sure: the royal family could probably use 007’s help tracking down the dodgy double agent at this difficult time.

Here’s the full story, via

Kate Middleton has a serious pest problem. A mole is suspected to be running amuck inside the palace walls and Prince William and Kate are its prime target. Will and Kate are the unwitting victims of an inside operation.

“It’s been years since the Palace had to deal with a situation like this,” says a source. “But there 
are suspicions because some things have come out regarding Kate, Wills and Harry that very few people knew about.”

Now Kate is being warned to watch her back and not talk to or confide in anybody. Hopefully the mole is ferreted out, and Kate Middleton and Prince William can get on with their lives without fear of intimate details being passed along to the press.

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