Keep Korma and Curry On!

Come one, come all, gather round, get close – can you hear me at the back? – for we are about to announce an important development in NYC food history! (If we do say so ourselves…)

Are you all listening closely?

Here at Tea & Sympathy, we have always held a special place in our hearts for the delicious food of India. In fact, we are firm believers that one of the greatest products of the British empire is the rich culinary traditions it opened up to us. Let’s be honest, meat and potatoes and potatoes and meat can get boring sometimes. So we are now doing what is only right and giving this tradition the full recognition it deserves with the launch of… *drumroll* (wait for it)…. ‘Keep Korma and Curry On’!

As well as a stonkingly good pun (thought up by our Mike in the chippy), ‘Keep Korma and Curry On’ will be our place to showcase the finest of Anglo-Indian cuisine, both here on the blog and in a new dedicated section of our daily special’s menu.

And there’s no better place to begin than this week’s special of chicken tikka masala. A delicious dish of marinated, roasted chicken breast in a fragrant tomato sauce spiced with coriander, cumin and garam masala, CTM is Britain’s favorite restaurant dish, making up for one in seven of all curries ordered. Ex-Foreign Secretary Robin Cook even proclaimed it “a true British national dish”, and British factories now produce so much of it that we export it to Pakistan, India and Bangladesh!

There is a rumor that CTM was invented in Scotland, with a restaurant in Glasgow claiming they were the first to combine the distinctive sauce with the tender roasted meat. Indian, or Scottish? Either way, come in and try for yourself (and grab an onion bhaji and samosa while you’re at it). As ever, also available for delivery: 212-989-9735. And keep an eye out for our next perfectly spiced offering!