Cadbury Wispa – British Candy Bar of the Week!

This week’s featured chocolate bar comes with a story fit for Shakespeare. Originally launched in 1983 as a trial, the Wispa captured the hearts and tastebuds of the entire nation and rapidly became a confectionery icon. However, tragedy lay ahead as in 2003, this Henry VII or Richard III (or whoever was – we didn’t pay attention in English Literature – too busy dreaming of skyscrapers and golden sidewalks!) of chocolate bars fell victim to unseen forces. Namely, a rebranding exercise in which it became the Dairy Milk Bubbly.

But everyone knows my favorite chocolate bar was the Toffee Crisp!

While it’s fate seemed sealed, the general public weren’t having it. Thanks to a mass outpouring of adoration (and the help of one of London’s top marketing firms) Cadbury relinquished and, Juliet-like (we’re getting into the swing of this!), the Wispa returned from the jaws of death.

Here’s the Wispa advert that captures perfectly the sense of joyousness that spread spontaneously across the width and breadth of the country when the Wispa was put back into production:

The bar itself is a gorgeous mouthful of velvety, bubbly Cadbury Dairy Milk, not dissimilar to Nestle’s Aero. We thoroughly recommend you give it a try – and remember this beautiful tale as you gobble it up!

Curly Wurly: Chocolate Bar of the Week

The annuls of British confectionary history contain their fair share of fortuitous accidents. The marvellous Flake was invented after someone was struck by the crumbliness of the milk chocolate overflow from another mould. This week’s featured chocolate bar is another such example. The Curly Wurly owes its existence to the confectionary curiosity of a man named David John Parfitt. A long-serving research chocolatier (if anyone knows where to apply for this job – let us know!), he was experimenting with surplus toffee after hours.

The process by which he arrived at the highly distinctive kinks and curves of this serpentine little bar is lost to the chocolatey mists of time. One can only imagine how he twisted and teased to arrive at the two intertwined lengths of chewy toffee. The important thing is that he did, then dipped the whole thing in milk chocolate, put it in a wrapper and Cadbury’s began selling it!

We’ve already established that Cadbury dairy milk chocolate is one of the finest commodities on earth. The addition of a tough toffee interior takes it to a whole other level: insert into side of mouth, tug with molars, feel tension and snap, then milk chocolate crumble on your bottom lip and melt in the corner of your mouth.. and chew! The simple pleasures are truly the greatest.

^ A classic 1970’s British advert for the Curly Wurly. They were only 3p (5 cents)?!

As with all featured chocolate bars, we stock Curly-Wurlies, imported from the British Isles. They’re available in-store, at 110 Greenwich Avenue, NYC, or online. Contact us for further info or if you’d like us to ship for you: 212-989-9735,

Maltesers: Chocolate of the Week

Whose New Year’s Resolution was to give up chocolate? You fool! We’re confident we can bring you back to the dark, sweet and creamy side with our featured chocolate this week. Maltesers are small nobbly spheres, beneath the milk chocolate shell of which lies a core of malted honeycomb.

The combination of sweet honey and savoury malt and the crumbly interior balanced with the creamy Mars chocolate shell, is enough to break the best of resolutions. But never fear, at only 187 calories a packet, they’re actually a pretty restrained treat.

So go on, celebrate the end of your New Year’s Resolution with a packet of Maltesers! You could even turn them into cookies:

As with all our featured chocolate bars, you  can purchase Maltesers in-store, or we can ship! Get in touch on 212-989-9735, or at

Cadbury Picnic: Chocolate Bar of the Week

While it may be cold out, it’s always the right weather for a Picnic. Cadbury’s classic bar has been gaining fans the world over since 1958, with variations produced in Australia, New Zealand, India, Canada, Ireland and Ukraine. No surprise really considering the delicious match of salty peanuts, sweet raisins, and silky milk chocolate bound together with nougat, caramel, and puffed rice.

As with all good chocolate bars, the key to the Picnic’s success is in the balance of flavors and textures. The soft rice offsets the chewy caramel, while the savory peanuts cut through the sweetness of the other ingredients. Unconventional in appearance, the bar looks something like a small, nobbly log.

Wildly popular in Australia, where it comes in different packaging, sans raisins, the attendant advertising slogan of “Deliciously Ugly” has become a catchphrase. While it certainly has a ring to it, we think “deliciously delicious” would be more fitting.

As with all featured chocolate bars, the Picnic is available in-store, or if you want, we can ship. Get in touch on 212-989-9735, or at

Toffee Crisp: Chocolate of the Week

What’s the weekend without a nice British chocolate bar? As we do every Saturday, we’re bringing you our favorite of the week. So without any further deliberation, we would like to introduce to you… Toffee Crisp!

The combination of puffed rice embedded in toffee and dipped in milk chocolate has proven utterly irresistible to legions of fans since it was created back in 1963. Wrapped in a distinctive bright orange packet, the perfect balance of crisp rice puffs, chewy toffee and buttery milk chocolate is a real winner.

And here’s the well-known advert for the Toffee Crisp from back in the 1980s. With Thatcher’s spectre looming large in the shape of Prime Minister Cameron, the representation of rainy, glum Britain becomes all the more poignant. But nevermind, we still have the world’s best chocolate bars!

Bounty: Chocolate of the Week

Not a winter person? Is the cold starting to get to you? Fancy a tropical holiday for one? Well that’s what we’re offering with this week’s featured chocolate bar (sort of…)! And as ever, it’s only two bucks!

The light blue Bounty is milk chocolate and the red is dark.

The Bounty consists of flaked coconut encased in a shell of milk or dark chocolate. Doing the rounds since 1951, Bounty is produced by Mars International and marketed internationally, although is conspicuously absent in the States. The closest thing to be found on these shores is Hershey’s Mounds but, as our life mantra dictates, when offered Hershey’s products we must kindly decline and explain that we’d rather eat our own shoe.

Thick, sweet coconut encased in chocolate = yum!

There is something unique about the Bounty. The thick interior of coconut is moist and substantial, yet has something approaching a freshness that can be lacking in cocoa offerings packed with biscuit, caramel, nougat, wafer, toffee, etc. etc. (we’re sorry Double Decker, we do still love you, just only in certain moods).

And while a tropical holiday for one may be an exaggeration, as this classic 1987 advert shows, you at least get a ‘taste of paradise’:

As with all chocolate bars and featured products on the blog, you can buy in-store, or order by email (, or by giving us a call (212-989-9735).

Bad British joke of the week… *groan*

Monday, bloody Monday. Can’t quite face the office? Go armed with this little gem of Terrible British Humor and you’ll be the life and soul of the water-cooler…

Why are there no painkillers in the jungle?
Because the parrots ate them all.

With jokes like that, do you wonder why?

* More so than usual, this terrible joke needs some explaining. In Britain, we refer to acetaminophen as Paracetamol. Thus, ‘parrots ate them all’, Paracetamol, ‘parrots-ate-them-all’… geddit?

If you’re a fan of our weekly bad British joke, we have a chocolate bar just for you. Penguin Bars are made from chocolate cream sandwiched between two chocolate biscuits, covered in milk chocolate. A common feature of packed lunches, each bar comes with a joke printed on the packaging, of a similar calibre to this one…

So there you have it, from a parrot to a Penguin… As with all products featured on the blog, Penguin Bars are available in-store, or by mail order, just get in touch on 212-989-9735, or

Mint Aero: Chocolate Bar of the Week

Ever wanted to know what it would be like to bite into a cloud spun from the finest milk chocolate? Well, you should get yourself an Aero, or even better, it’s minty cousin. The process behind the Aero and Mint Aero’s unique texture, in which delicate chocolate shells are filled with an aerated interior, was developed in the 1930’s and has remained a firm favorite on the British chocolate scene ever since. What results is a bar of seven segments, each light, fluffy, and utterly delicious.

Over the years, Aero has come in many different flavors, including vanilla and orange, and over summer we stocked the new caramel variety. But the only one that’s held it’s own, other than the Original milk chocolate, is the Mint Aero. And it’s easy to see why – the bubbly composition of the bar and the delicate minty flavor compliment each other perfectly.

The Mint Aero has a distinctive green interior, covered with a milk chocolate shell.

As with all chocolate bars featured, the Mint Aero is only $2, and can be shipped, just get in touch on 212-989-9735, or at

Lion Bar: Chocolate Bar of the Week #7

This week’s chocolate bar is on old-school favorite. No swanky ingredients here; no bubbles, or flakes or frills on top, just a good ol’ slab of milk chocolate, crammed with wafer, caramel and some crisp cereal.

Originally released in 1970 by Rowntree, the Lion Bar was known in some areas of the UK as the Big Cat. Now part of the Nestle stable, Lion Bar is a firm favorite back in Blighty. Its secret comes from a perfect balance of crispy wafer and chewy caramel, all encased in a generous helping of heaven’s nectar (aka. Milk chocolate). Unbeatable as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack with a hot cuppa.

As with all chocolate bars featured, we sell Lion Bar’s in-store for $2, and can ship: send us an email (, or give us a call (212-989-9735). And with Christmas on the horizon, may we point out how perfectly stocking-sized British chocolate bars are!