Happy Birthday Charles Dickens – 200 Today!

It seems like bumper season for big British events at the moment. Following Accession Day yesterday, it’s the 200th anniversary of one of Blighty’s greatest ever writers, Charles Dickens.

Dear old Mr. Dickens... Happy 200th!

The author of many fine novels (Tale of Two Cities is our favorite), Dickens had a larger impact on London’s image than Paul Auster, Martin Scorcese, Mark Rothko, or even Candice Busnhell did on that of New York. Think of spires, sooty streets, smoke, steam and the banks of the River Thames, and Dickens’ masterful words will have shaped those images.

Grey, grey, grey... The weather is definitely one thing we don't miss...

But let’s not get too cerebral about the old man. While you’re having a celebratory cup of birthday cake (Historically speaking, Victoria Sponge would be perfect, as would anything from Mrs. Beeton), here’s a trailer from the BBC’s Christmas version of ‘Great Expectation’. Beautifully shot and styled, it still had its critics. There were accusations of dumbing down, complaints that Gillian Anderson was too young to play Miss Havisham while some even said that ex-Burberry model Douglas Booth was just too damn hot to play Pip. We’ll let you decide that one for yourself….

Next up, the Diamond Jubilee & the London Olypmics… Bring on summer!