Happy May Day

Back in Blighty, May 1st is known as May Day. The unofficial start to summer, this is when the weather supposedly picks up and trees start to blossom. And our sources tell us that true to form, the sun is shining across the UK today. Ahh, what we’d do to be stood outside a local pub on a village green, sipping a pint of warm bitter….

Oh to be in England... and all that. Get us a pint wouldya.

One of our favorite of England’s many bizarre and antiquated customs is the Maypole. Originating in pagan Germany a long, long time ago, it is a wooden pole around which dancers wrap ribbons. A very strange sight indeed, and needless to say the association with May day has been lost in the mists of time.

London in New York

A very interesting read. Was the Nineties the Brit heyday, or are we still as strong a force? A bit  to tell with our rose tinted specs on!

Cadbury Picnic: Chocolate Bar of the Week

While it may be cold out, it’s always the right weather for a Picnic. Cadbury’s classic bar has been gaining fans the world over since 1958, with variations produced in Australia, New Zealand, India, Canada, Ireland and Ukraine. No surprise really considering the delicious match of salty peanuts, sweet raisins, and silky milk chocolate bound together with nougat, caramel, and puffed rice.

As with all good chocolate bars, the key to the Picnic’s success is in the balance of flavors and textures. The soft rice offsets the chewy caramel, while the savory peanuts cut through the sweetness of the other ingredients. Unconventional in appearance, the bar looks something like a small, nobbly log.

Wildly popular in Australia, where it comes in different packaging, sans raisins, the attendant advertising slogan of “Deliciously Ugly” has become a catchphrase. While it certainly has a ring to it, we think “deliciously delicious” would be more fitting.

As with all featured chocolate bars, the Picnic is available in-store, or if you want, we can ship. Get in touch on 212-989-9735, or at info@teaandsympathynewyork.com.