#CupcakeCompetition Shortlist

When we put out the call last week for inspiration in our quest to Anglify one of the finest culinary creations to come from these shores – the cupcake – we were not prepared for the volume and quality of responses we’d get. Thank you very much to all who entered – you’ve made our week, and at points have genuinely blown us away with your Epicurean offerings.

With difficulty, we’ve whittled your suggestions down to a shortlist, complete with witty names. We’re going to put this to our master bakers, and see which they feel are feasible – and perhaps to try a few out.

As you can see, we’ve divided the entries by how they were submitted and given the person’s name or username in italics. Stay tuned, we will be announcing the winner shortly!

Twitter (@TeaAndSympathy)
The DB’
Dandelion & Burdock

‘Don’t Trifle with Me’
Trifle – Vanilla sponge with a whole strawberry in the bottom and a custard cream icing.

‘English Currant-C’


‘Anyone for Tennis?’
Champagne & Strawberries
Charlotte Hipkin

Black & Tan’
Dark Chocolate and Guinness
Viki Noe

‘Breakfast At Granny’s’
Toast and marmalade.
Thomas Matthew

Who are you calling Granny?... This is a mighty fine cupcake


‘Earl Grey Cuppa Cake’
Earl Grey with Lavender Frosting
Colleen Hill

‘Springtime Daffodil Sponge’
Orange marmalade cupcake with lemon curd filling & clotted cream frosting.
Marci McGuire

‘Dolly Folly’
Dolly Mixture / Liquorice Allsorts
Brigdget Bray 

‘Elderflower in the Afternoon’
Elderflower with clotted cream icing
The Communal Pantry

‘The Hot Toddy’
Clove and cinnamon spice cake with a whiskey flavored egg-custard filling and honey-vanilla icing

‘Emerald Isle’
Baileys Irish Cream Cupcake – with a green fondant shamrock on top.

Save some for the cupcakes...