Independence Day Royal Recap: George III

What with it being Independence Day this week, we thought we’d use our Monday Royal Recap slot to take a look at the last ruling monarch of the US of A: George III. It’s all very tongue and cheek of course and we’re more than happy with our corner of Greenwich Village and a warm Shepherd’s Pie every evening, thank you very much.

The rather dashing King George III

George III was the grandfather of Queen Victoria, and is most famous for being struck down with a mental illness while still on the throne. One common story told how he tried to shake hands with a tree believing it to be the King of Prussia! A film that’s well worth a watch is the marvellous British’The Madness of King George’ made back in 1994. Here’s the trailer:

A few other interesting facts about mad old George are that he fathered 15 children, his favorite hobby was farming and he was the longest reigning monarch up until that point. So that concludes today’s history lesson, which leaves only one more thing to be said: you know what America, you’ve done a lot better off without ’em…. Happy Independence Day!!


Right Royal Drama: Pippa & Gungate

Dear, oh dear. While Harry has got into his fair share of trouble over the years, it seems that Pippa has gone and trumped him in one fell swoop. She’s currently in Paris, mingling with some of France’s most eligible bachelors, and somehow managed to get herself photographed in the front seat of a convertible next to a man wielding a gun.

With two rather dashing gentlemen: Arthur de Soultrait on the left and with his brother Marcy on the right. Something tells us they'd have little need for our chivalry guide.

While it appears the gun was a fake, Pippa may face questioning. And the grin on her face will seem insensitive to many so soon after the terrible shootings in Toulouse.

We’d love to hear what you think: has Pippa done anything wrong? Or is she being treated unfairly due to the intense media spotlight on her? At moments like this, we can’t help but think of the terrible treatment of Diana.