‘Tis the Season to Overindulge…

… and we’re here ease the guilt!

The long and illustrious history of the British Isles is peppered with the lives of great eccentrics. Indeed, eccentricity has become an indelible aspect of the British national identity. Being a restaurant and all, and what with it being the season to eat and eat and eat, we thought we’d share this tour-de-force of eccentric British appetites:

King George IV - "Pass the pigeon and steak pie, I'm starving!"

George IV
It seems we beat you Yanks to all this obesity nonsense. “On 10 April 1830 the Duke of Wellington described a typical breakfast eaten by the grossly overweight king as consisting of a pie containing two pigeons and three steaks washed down with wine, Champagne, port and brandy. Two months later, he was dead.”

William Buckland
“The eccentric Dean of Westminster (1784-1856), often served tortoise, rat and mouse on toast to his guests. He also devoured the mummified heart of Louis XIV.”

Edward VII
“Customarily ate 14 courses for lunch and dinner, while the whole chicken placed beside his bed was invariably eaten down to its bones by the morning.” Chicken by the bed! But then we suppose, he didn’t have the luxury of ordering in.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
“The old Etonion-TV chef (b. 1965) is famous for consuming roadkill, human baby placenta and other unconventional ingredients.”*

Taken from ‘Top 10 of Britain’, Russell Ash.

*A little lesson on British social divided and colloquialisms for you here. Depending on who you ask, Hugh Fearnley-Whiitingstall will be described to you as either a “lovable rogue” or a “toffee-nosed pillock”. But we are quite the fan, and for these culinary endeavours, we are officially inducting him as a Great British Food Hero. 

So no need to feel bad – pour another glass or port and get another mince pie down your neck!

Merry Christmas!


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