Marmite… We Bloody Love It!

For this week’s British Pantry, we’re paying due respect to Marmite. ‘You either love it or you hate it’, apparently. We bloody love it!! Here’s Nicky with a fantastic piece of Marmite pop art – and below we’ve picked our top five limited edition products featuring the deliciously gooey black stuff.

Tea & Sympathy’s Top 5: Limited Edition Marmite Products

5. Royal Marmite

We’ve featured this one before. Produced especially for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee earlier this year.

4. Marmite Love

With Champagne!

3. Marmite Vaseline

If you ever wanted a kiss from us, here’s your secret weapon!!

2. Marmite Absinthe

This would have been top spot, but unfortunately it’s just a joke!

1. Guinness Marmite

Two of our all time favorite flavors. In one jar. Heaven!

Pregnant Nicky, Austin Powers & Our Black Cab

Another trip down memory lane for you, and a bit of a bizarre. Here’s Nicky, four months pregnant posing with an Austin Powers impersonator and our black London taxi. We’re sure there’s a great story behind this, but it’s been long forgotten!

Nicky Poses for Boy George Fan Club c.1993

So, the Nineties are back in apparently? Well we were there the first time round and we have the photos to prove it. Here’s Nicky c. 1993, posing outside Tea & Sympathy for the Boy George fan club magazine. A gorgeous black and white shot – and she hasn’t aged a day!

Diamond Jubilee Weekend Photo Album

It is a well-known fact that all good things come to an end. We had a fantastic weekend here at Tea & Sympathy. A Salt & Battery got involved in the action, as did La Belle Epoque. Here are a few photos that are certain keepers in the Little Britain photo album.

God Save The Queen!

One does like a good cuppa. Especially when it has One’s own photograph on it!

The cheek of it! Nicky grabs a moment to celebrate with one of our gorgeous waitresses. Taken by a photographer for The Times of London.

Where do I stand on the republic versus monarchy debate? Don’t ask me, my mom made me wear this!

Much appreciated support from our American friends at Le Belle Epoque on the other side of Greenwich Ave.

Diamond Jubilee Weekend Celebrations & Memorabilia

God save our gracious Queen, long live the noble Queen, God save the Queen! How happy we are to be celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th year on the throne. And, as you can see, we are doing it in Great British style:

Union Jacks as far as the eye can see!

If you’re in this neck of the woods over the weekend, be sure to stop in and take a look at our range of Diamond Jubilee products, all imported from Blighty:

The full range of commemorative Diamond Jubilee goodies! Perfect for gifts or to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 60th year in style!

One can’t hear you as one seems to have a scone in each ear!

Tea towels: for when One makes a mess.

One seems to have gone slightly to pieces! Customers will recognise this beautiful, one-of-a-kind mosaic of The Queen from the entrance vestibule of Carry On Tea & Sympathy

Our good friends La Belle Epoque on the opposite side of Greenwich Avenue are also getting into the spirit of things, giving pride of place in their window to this gorgeous vintage poster from the 1953 coronation:

The Campaign for Little Britain

A few years back, we spearheaded a campaign to have our neighborhood renamed ‘Little Britain’. There’s a Little Italy and a China Town, so why shouldn’t our anglified corner of Greenwich Village, and the numerous Brit expats who live here, be recognised? Richard Branson, and other notable Brits agreed, and produced this video outlining the cause:

Unsuccessful the first time round, it seems the campaign’s embers still smoulder. Last week, Gothamist ran a piece entitled ‘Time to Cede Greenwich Avenue to the Brits?’ Recalling the campaign, the article states:

Something funny happened in the five years since. The area, which already had a few Anglo-friendly spots, went and got more British. Maybe it’s time to dust off the old moniker?

It goes on:

With the addition the lovely Whitehall a bit further east, you really could spend a day there without worrying about getting any Yankee filth in your stomach. Brunch at Whitehall, tea at Tea, dinner at A Salt, drinks at Fiddlesticks and boom! You’ve had a British staycation in the Village.

So, is the campaign about to be reignited? We couldn’t possibly say…

A sign of things to come?

Valentine’s Day Prize for the Best British Love Song!

Ah, Valentine’s Day… Did you awake with a full heart and eager expectance at what the postman might bring?  Or did you pull the covers over your head and wish you could sleep until tomorrow? V Day is hard to avoid in this city, so we thought we’d run a little competition to help you celebrate – or commiserate – as you saw fit. We’re asking you to suggest your favorite British love songs over the course of the day. We’ll put them together this evening into a little playlist, and the best suggestion will win a prize. Be as schmultzy, cynical, or downright silly as you like… as long as it’s British!

To get the ball rolling, here’s song number one – suggested by us!

We’ll confirm shortly what the prize will be. Top of the list at the moment is scones for you and a special someone… or two portions for yourself!

We’re open this evening (and delivering) until 10.30pm. It’s BYOB, so grab a bottle of champers and tell your loved one to meet you at 108 Greenwich Ave.

Update: The prize has been confirmed as scones for two. And if the winner sings the song to the restaurant, Nicky will give ’em dinner for free as well!!!!!!!!!!!

NY Daily News

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding boosts business for souvenir shops

Monday, April 25, 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding has been great for business.… (Tim Hales/AP)

Anglophiles are scarfing up royal wedding garb in Manhattan like cucumber sandwiches at high tea.

Shops that cater to New York City’s royal watchers are either completely out of Prince William and Kate Middleton souvenirs or down to their last few items.

“People were a lot more into it than we thought. Americans, too,” said an employee at Tea and Sympathy, a restaurant and store on the strip of Greenwich Ave. between 12th and 13th Sts. known as Little Britain.

“Rightly so, I suppose,” the worker said. “It’s the future king and queen of England.”

Tea and Sympathy ran out of teapots and large mugs emblazoned with the royal couple’s faces. All that are left are a few plates and teacups.

Mxyplyzyk, a specialty store across the street, is sold out of waving Queen Elizabeth figurines.

Working Class, a boutique on Duane St., had just one Prince William and Kate Middleton plate left, which it refuses to sell.

The royal wedding takes place Friday. Millions of people around the world are expected to tune in for the live broadcast of the nuptials.

Lyon Bouchon Moderne, a restaurant a few doors from Tea and Sympathy, is hosting a wedding watching party starting at 6 a.m., with traditional British food and drinks.