Instagram: Queen Gloria

We found this on Instagram, and it didn’t half make us laugh. A very funny shot indeed. If you post any Tea & Sympathy pictures, be sure to tag us @TeaAndSympathyNYC. All hail the Queen!


Tea & Sympathy = Rock & Roll

Eating in the restaurant may have been compared to “having dinner in your grandma’s dining room”. And that’s something we’re very proud of. But we do have a rock & roll side, don’t you know.

And to prove it, here’s Tennessee Thomas, the British-American drummer/actress and founding member of super cool band The Like… modelling out teapots!

Tea & Sympathy Customer Blog Review

It makes our day when we come across kind words on customers’ blogs. Don’t tell The New York Times, but they mean a lot more to us than write-ups in the big publications. Because at the end of the day, we’re not cooking for journalists, we’re cooking for you. And kind words are always made all the better by gorgeous photographs. So thank you very to The Boston Bakery Babe for this fab post.

Pregnant Nicky, Austin Powers & Our Black Cab

Another trip down memory lane for you, and a bit of a bizarre. Here’s Nicky, four months pregnant posing with an Austin Powers impersonator and our black London taxi. We’re sure there’s a great story behind this, but it’s been long forgotten!

Nicky Poses for Boy George Fan Club c.1993

So, the Nineties are back in apparently? Well we were there the first time round and we have the photos to prove it. Here’s Nicky c. 1993, posing outside Tea & Sympathy for the Boy George fan club magazine. A gorgeous black and white shot – and she hasn’t aged a day!

Sean, Joss Stone & Virgin Atlantic: The Campaign for ‘Little Britain’

Here are some great photographs from our campaign, backed by Virgin Atlantic, to have our corner of NYC renamed Little Britain. Joss Stone, the brilliant English singer, flew the flag and accompanied Sean to the ‘Little Britain’ press conference to petition for the change.

Seeing these pictures reminds us of the fun we’ve had down Greenwich Avenue. With the Royal Wedding barely behind us, plans for the Queen’s Jubilee this June are well and truly in motion. We’re sure you trust us when we say we have something BIG up our sleeve… Stay tuned!!

Sean & Joss Stone on Greenwich Avenue.

Brits abroad!

Joss poses with our London taxi.

The Villager: Nicky Perry, T Rex & Greenwich Village

A lovely old press clipping here. The full article offers a pretty thorough rundown of Nicky’s life (and trust us, she has some stories to tell!). So brew yourself a cuppa, put your feet up, and read on

T.Rex’s ‘Bang a Gong’ to teashop’s bangers and mash

By Karen Kramer

Sweet, agreeable and oh-so moreish... the cakes of course!

“I’m sorry to say this,” Nicky Perry said boldly, “but the tea in this country is…filth. It is horrendous and it doesn’t matter where you go.”

If Perry has anything to do with it, that will change — at least in a small corner of Greenwich Village. In the middle of her small and quiet teashop — Tea and Sympathy on Greenwich Ave. — Perry, the owner, is anything but reserved and quiet. With her wild curly blond hair, her excited, animated voice and bold way of expressing herself, she is a strong presence against the porcelain teapots and china that are placed lovingly around the shop. Perry says everything with uninhibited enthusiasm and her eyes widen dramatically as she tells stories about her background in England, her involvement with British pop bands and her passion for introducing Americans to English tea and cuisine.

Nicky Perry grew up in southeast London but couldn’t wait to get to New York.

“I was madly in love with Mark Bolen [of the rock group T.Rex] and I used to read about him constantly being in New York,” she said. “So from the age of 14, I became obsessed with reading about things like Max’s Kansas City and C.B.G.B., and the whole New York wonderful-exciting-24-hours-anything-goes thing. And for my 21st birthday my mother brought me here for a week’s holiday. I came back from that week’s holiday and eight months later I returned to New York and I never left.”

When Perry first came to New York she lived with a member of the British rock band Squeeze, which meant she had people to show her around and take her to parties. However, her fascination with rock stars and pop music was almost in direct rebellion to the classical music she grew up with. Read more here.