‘Don’t Brit My Heart’: The Ultimate Valentine Playlist

We put out the call yesterday for suggestions of your favorite British love songs – and you didn’t let us down. We’ve compiled them all into a Valentine playlist, entitled ‘Don’t Brit My Heart‘, that you can listen to for free on Grooveshark, by clicking here. Unfortunately, there are a few songs that we couldn’t add because of copyright – notably The Beatles – so apologies if you’re suggestions didn’t make it on.

Michelle Fedder won the prize for best suggestion over on facebook for ‘Pulling Mussels from a Shell’, by Squeeze. We loved her story about boys at High School singing ‘Pulling Mussels for Michelle’ to her, and she won extra points for pointing out that ‘pulling muscles’ is British slang for sexual intercourse!

While she didn’t take Nicky up on her offer of serenading the restaurant for a free dinner, she did win herself two portions of scones!

Here’s the winning track, and remember to check out the rest of the playlist here:



Valentine’s Day Prize for the Best British Love Song!

Ah, Valentine’s Day… Did you awake with a full heart and eager expectance at what the postman might bring?  Or did you pull the covers over your head and wish you could sleep until tomorrow? V Day is hard to avoid in this city, so we thought we’d run a little competition to help you celebrate – or commiserate – as you saw fit. We’re asking you to suggest your favorite British love songs over the course of the day. We’ll put them together this evening into a little playlist, and the best suggestion will win a prize. Be as schmultzy, cynical, or downright silly as you like… as long as it’s British!

To get the ball rolling, here’s song number one – suggested by us!

We’ll confirm shortly what the prize will be. Top of the list at the moment is scones for you and a special someone… or two portions for yourself!

We’re open this evening (and delivering) until 10.30pm. It’s BYOB, so grab a bottle of champers and tell your loved one to meet you at 108 Greenwich Ave.

Update: The prize has been confirmed as scones for two. And if the winner sings the song to the restaurant, Nicky will give ’em dinner for free as well!!!!!!!!!!!