The Queen & Prince Phillip Wedding Photos

While we don’t want to overdo all this monarchy business, we thought these photos of the marriage of The Queen and Prince Phillip were so fabulous, it was safe to share them so close after the Queen’s Jubilee. Especially as they come with a fantastic story: according to the Queen’s nanny, the young Elizabeth lost her heart to Phillip while slow dancing to tunes from the musical Oklahoma! They’d fit in perfectly in the West Village.

The official wedding portrait.

King George VI and The Queen Mother returning to Buckingham Palace through Trafalgar Square. Notice conspicuous lack of cell phones in hands!

On the balcony and still perfecting the wave. From left to right: Princess Margaret, Lady Mary Cambridge, the Royal couple, and the Queen Mother.


The best man to the left of Elizabeth, bridesmaids (including Princess Margaret Rose), right, beside Prince Philip, and the page boys. Lady Mary Cambridge is third from left, Princess Alexandra of Kent, is fourth from left.

You can read the full account of the romance according to Queen Elizabeth’s nanny here.

How to Marry a Prince: a British Etiquette Guide

Harry knows full well that now William is hitched, the clock is ticking. Fast approaching 30, he needs to find himself a wife before whispers start spreading around Buckingham Palace – or worse still, one is found for him. After his recent interview with CBS, it seems he’s happy to cast his net on both sides of the Atlantic, and we see no reason why the next royal bride shouldn’t be you.

One day, this could all be yours!

But before a prince will pop the question, there a few boxes a lady must tick – while the next generation of European monarchs may know how to misbehave, their parents are rather traditional, don’t you know. To guide you through the minefield of proper British etiquette, we’ve enlisted the services of Dowager Robinson – a little known aristocrat from the Southeast of England…

Even queens forget the rules sometimes.

Hello Ladies – and I see a few gentlemen at the back – Dowager Robinson here. Are your aspirations above your station? Do you fancy your self as the next Kate Middleton? Did you miss out on an invite to ‘The Royal Wedding’?

In our weekly master class on British etiquette we’ll be giving you the lowdown on how to behave oneself when in proper company – and have you ready to rub shoulders with royalty in no time. (Bagging a prince not guaranteed!)

In this week’s class we’ll be looking at the origins of etiquette and equipping you with the correct etiquette mentality.

Etiquette Ancestry

From an early book on the reign on Louis the XIV.

Today’s formal etiquette originated in the French royal courts the 16th -17th century. Many say King Louis XIV was bored and so established an elaborate and rigid set of social customs to keep him busy. These became known as etiquette, an old French word meaning ticket for admission. Soon proper etiquette was the new fashion among upper classes of the western world.

Specialist publishers, Debrett’s, have been reinventing their holy books on etiquette since 1769. Not to blow their own trumpet, they see themselves as: “the modern authority on all matters etiquette, taste and achievement. Recognizing people of distinction and the finer things in life.”

A formal Introduction

So, you’ve got yourself an introduction with a prince… now what?

From addressing an envelope to addressing the Queen, proper etiquette is needed for all of life’s events, big and small. Etiquette must most definitely NOT be confused with manners. Manners involve general behavioral guidelines that can be picked up through even the scrappiest of upbringings. Etiquette, on the other hand, is a specific code of behavior that encompasses most aspects of social interaction in society.

The key here is frame of mind: while circumstances can change, the personal will remain the same. Whatever tricky situation you come across you will need a set way to react.

So whether Harry tells you a rude joke about his grandmother, William let’s sleep a bedroom tale, or Prince Charming splits his pants in front of you – remain calm, composed and elegant at all times.

The Queen walks into a bar and says to the barman...

This week’s homework:

Next time you find yourself in a difficult situation repeat the mantra, “The essence of etiquette is essential.”

Next weeks class will be on Chivalry – Ladies & gents, if you really care about marrying a prince, then your attendance is mandatory!

Caption Competion! Tell us what Her Majesty may be saying and win tea and scones for two!

Your caption here!

We are as adoring and reverent as any good Brit about our dear Queen, Her Majesty Elizabeth II. However, upon chancing on this photograph, we were tickled pinker than her lovely little jacket.

After wiping the tears from our eyes, and stitching our sides back together, Nicky had the wonderful idea to start a caption competition with the prize of tea and scones for two at Tea & Sympathy for the funniest submission.

So get your thinking caps on, and let us know either below, on facebook, twitter, or by email ( What could possibly be on that plate? And what could dear Queeny be thinking/saying?

What’s happening in Blighty this weekend? Swan Upping of Course!

Once a year, a team of the Queen’s loyalest consorts embark on a five-day trip up the River Thames, to count and check the health of the river’s swans. From the 18th to the 22nd of July, the red-coated gentleman will set forth on their rickety wooden boats to undertake this most ancient  of traditions.

Since the 12th century, all swans in Britain have been the property of Monarch. In not too distant history, killing a swan could lead to deportation for seven years or hard labour. Here’s a little video, explaining the tradition. Make yourself a cuppa, take a seat, and enjoy!

‘ello ‘ello

Hello All,

For those of you yet to discover our little British enclave deep in the heart of New York’s west village; we are ‘Tea and Sympathy’, the world-famous teashop located at 108 Greenwich Avenue. We like to see ourselves as something of a hub for British going-ons in this fine city and we thought what better way to keep all our friends, customers, family and fans in the loop than with a splendid new blog.

To start you off, here are a few of our favourite snaps from our Royal Wedding party. With every TV network in attendance, a performance from Squeeze frontman Glenn Tilbrook, pearly kings and queens and a whole troupe of Morris dancers, this shindig quickly secured itself a place in NY folklore. If you like what you see, check out our Flickr stream, for more of the same. God bless the Queen! God bless Wills & Kate!

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