Christmas Is Coming!

The holiday season’s nearly upon us, and we’ve got loads of festive treats for our wonderful customers to do Christmas the British way – crackers, advent calenders, christmas pudding and delicious British chocs for use as stocking stuffers. Take a peek!

Christmas Gifts At Tea & Sympathy

Christmas crackers are an integral part of Christmas dinner in Britain. Pull each side for a loud bang, and to find a joke, a toy and a paper crown inside the cracker!

An Advent Calendar filled with delicious Cadbury Chocolate.

Don’t tap it, whack it! Terry’s Chocolate Orange is an essential Christmas stocking stuffer.

Everything here and more is available in our store – Carry On Tea Sympathy. We deliver locally and can also ship orders to the US and Canada.


Stocking Fillers!

With only five days to Christmas, it’s time to talk stockings. We could bore you with the history behind the tradition of stuffing an oversized sock with small but perfectly formed gifts, but frankly we don’t care. What matters, is that you get the right treats for your loved ones, and that’s where our guide comes in.

We love these. Terry's have let out a white chocolate version of their famous chocolate orange. Christmassy to the max in neon-snow packaging; unwrap for segment after segment of citrus-flavored cocoa joy!

An old classic. When Scrooge said "Bah, humbug" to Christmas in Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol', he was referencing the boiled mint candy, known as a humbug. 150 years later and they're still going strong, and just as delicious. We sell buy the weight; stuff a quarter pound in the bottom of granny's stocking and you'll keep her happy til 2012!

...or we stock them already bundled up in a neat vintage-style tin!

What better present for the tea connoisseur than a festive teaball! Pack with your favorite flavour leaves, dunk in your pot and leave to infuse and you've got the best cuppa chai this side of China! We have many designs in stock, but are particularly fond of these stocking adornments.

These are unbelievably adorable. Mini boxes of Cadbury Roses, Britain's favorite chocolate selection box. Roughly four inches tall, these are the perfect size for your kiddie's stocking, or an elf's! Packed with the finest examples of Britain's confectionary offerings.

Ahhhh, we are salivating on the keyboard. Thornton's are Britain's most popular luxury chocolatier, and this is their utterly irresistible toffee. It comes in the original sugary, buttery version, or with added liquorice for that extra kick. Add to your loved one's stocking at your own risk - cravings and withdrawal symptoms may follow!

*We are open every day until Christmas eve, when we close at 5pm.

Lion Bar: Chocolate Bar of the Week #7

This week’s chocolate bar is on old-school favorite. No swanky ingredients here; no bubbles, or flakes or frills on top, just a good ol’ slab of milk chocolate, crammed with wafer, caramel and some crisp cereal.

Originally released in 1970 by Rowntree, the Lion Bar was known in some areas of the UK as the Big Cat. Now part of the Nestle stable, Lion Bar is a firm favorite back in Blighty. Its secret comes from a perfect balance of crispy wafer and chewy caramel, all encased in a generous helping of heaven’s nectar (aka. Milk chocolate). Unbeatable as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack with a hot cuppa.

As with all chocolate bars featured, we sell Lion Bar’s in-store for $2, and can ship: send us an email (, or give us a call (212-989-9735). And with Christmas on the horizon, may we point out how perfectly stocking-sized British chocolate bars are!