Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

It’s been a crazy weekend so far here at Tea & Sympathy!

Celebrity Tea Party Competition!

This beautiful weather has got us in a fantastic mood – so we thought we’d run a little competition with a very special prize. Over the weekend, the question cropped up “Who would be at your dream tea party?” This really captured our imagination as suggestions were thrown around from teashop to chippy and before we knew it, half of Greenwich Avenue had offered their suggestions.

I assume our invite is in the mail?

With famous figures from the past and present as diverse as Oscar Wilde (dandy tea!), Rachel Maddow (liberal tea!) and Mahatma Gandhi (thoughtful tea!) thrown around, we’re not even close to settling on a shortlist. Which is why we need your help! Please tell us your three dream tea party guests, and the reason why. Historical, contemporary, American, British, we don’t care – as long as they’d make good company!

But can I bring a friend?

And what’s the prize, we hear you ask? Well, in keeping with the theme of celebrity (celebri-tea!), we’ll be giving the winner the royal treatment. None other than Mr. Sean Kavanagh-Dowsett himself will come and pick you and a friend up in his black taxi from anywhere in downtown Manhattan, and bring you to Tea & Sympathy to be served free tea and scones. A very unique and special prize, we’re sure you’ll agree!

Your carriage for the evening...

So just let us know your three dream tea party guests in the comments section below, via twitter, or on our facebook wall. And while Michele Bachman and Ron Paul certainly aren’t invited, jokes about the last transatlantic tea party are!

...and your driver!


In eager anticipation of a very special guest, there’s a certain tension in the West Village air tonight. For a neighborhood with a star count second only to the Milky Way, it’s got to be a pretty big name to cause such a stir. Unfortunately, we’ve been sworn to complete and utter secrecy. But the boys in out store have spent all day making this rather fabulous sign, which might just give it away..

Modeled here by the lovely Chris and the lovely Tom from our chippy A Salt and Battery:

*And in case you didn’t get it.. It’s President Obama! He’s attending a fundraiser being held at the super exclusive Waverly Inn. We’ll be waiting with a fresh brew for him. And Michelle, remember – no latecomers!