Prince Phillip: A Life in Photos

There’s bittersweet news today as Prince Phillip was discharged from hospital. It follows a number of recent check-ins for the husband of The Queen that leave all at Tea & Sympathy concerned for his general well-being. However, our thoughts are with him, and we’d like to celebrate the good innings he’s had to date with these superb photos taken throughout his life. Chin up Phil, show us that stiff upper lip!

Newlyweds. Prince Phillip & The Queen on their wedding day, 20 November 1947.

Family man. With a young Prince Charles & Princes Anne and The Queen.

All hail The Queen… and her husband! Coronation day, 2 June 1953.

Proud father. On the way to the wedding of Prince Charles & Princess Diana.

Heads up! Inspecting an RAF flyover aboard HMS Britannia.

A sad day. Inspecting flowers following the death of Princess Diana.

Sharing a joke with Pippa Middleton at Prince William & Kate’s wedding.

It’s Prince Phillip to you Mr President. With the Obamas, 2009.

With the family!

Ageing gracefully. Attending a state banquet last year at Dublin Castle.

How to Marry Harry: The British Etiquette Wedding Guide

Dowager Robinson here for a final installment of my etiquette guide. You should have bagged a prince by now and be making your booking at Westminster Abbey. While a lot of decisions will be dictated by tradition, here’s some protocol you should bear in mind for your big day. And if it inspires you, you still have time to enter Tea & Sympathy’s pinterest contest.

Something Old

With the world’s biggest jewellery box at his family’s disposal, Harry will most likely adorn your finger with a priceless heirloom. As we well know, Kate was lucky enough to receive Diana’s beautiful sapphire engagement ring.

Something New

Your dress, of course. Do not be fooled by over-friendly princesses suggesting you borrow your mother’s frock: they are surely trying to sabotage your wedding!

Equally, be wary of choosing a long-standing royal wedding designer like Norman Hartnell: you are not blue blood yet. Instead, go for something elegant contemporary: Kate looked fabulous in Sarah Burton.

Another royal bride you must be sure to draw fashion inspiration from is, of course, the gorgeous Grace Kelly.

Something Borrowed

You know you’re really in there when the Queen herself lends you a priceless diamond tiara. Kate wore a 1936 Cartier Tiara known as ‘The Halo’, lent to her by the Queen. Originally the Queen Mother’s, the Queen wore it on her 18th birthday, Princess Margret for the 1953 coronation, and later by Princess. Talk about fit for a queen!

Something Blue

For a fashion forward bride it is perfectly acceptable to wear something blue: shoes, a bag or even hair! Needless to say, this is not the case in the royal world. Kate kept it understated by sewing a blue ribbon somewhere out of sight. We recommend a pair of sapphire panties!

All that is left for me to say now is farewell my young newly weds. I’m sure you live happily ever after. And if not, I provide a fabulous course in royal divorce etiquette!

Will & Kate’s First Anniversary Pinterest Contest… so far!

Here’s three of our favorite entries yet to our Will & Kate anniversary pinterest contest. If you haven’t entered yet, just start a board titled ‘Happy Anniversary Will & Kate’ and post something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a paper wedding gift for the Royal couple. You can see full details here… keep ’em coming!!

Something old, from Candice Stone

Something Blue – Johnnie Walker Blue Label, from Heidi Mackey

Paper anniversary gift, from Emily Maddox

Stephen Colbert does his best British impersonation in Tea & Sympathy

Our humble little teashop received a lot of attention in the weeks leading up to the Royal wedding. Not a day went by without a line of journalists waiting eagerly to take photos, ask questions, or film features on cake baking, tea drinking, and all manner of other apparently British pursuits.

One of our favorite pieces to result from this was Stephen Colbert’s exceptionally funny piece on British etiquette. He brought along British historian and Royal biographer Hugo Vickers in a bid to refine his upper crust credentials. Unfortunately, we don’t think poor Mr Vickers knew what he was letting himself in for as Colbert’s merciless humor was soon on full display. This clip of his British impersonation had us in stitches!

You can view the rest of the feature on The Colbert Report website.

Happy New Year & Thank You For All the Online Love!

Well, what a year we’ve had. The highs, the lows, the laughter, the tears… and, of course, the food! Unlike most years, the highlight of the past twelve months is pretty clearcut. The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in March saw the whole Tea & Sympathy team come into their own, as we hosted the greatest street party in town.

Nicky, on fine form!

Greenwich Avenue was transformed, with the hanging of yard after yard of bunting, the serving of Union Jack cakes, the donning of our best British frocks and tuxes, and the general merriments that ensued.

Sean, looking dapper as ever in his pearly king outfit

Traditional morris dancers, pearly king and queens, and a performance from highly-regarded British musician Glenn Tilbrook set the tone, and after a few glasses of bubbly, the day was roundly decided to be a swinging success. Now for Harry to tie the knot…

Morris dancers!

We survived the snow storms, the earthquake and the hurricane, and greatly admired the resolve with which we New Yorkers face these things. It’s what’s known in Britain as ‘stiff upper lip‘. Keep Calm & Carry On, and all that

One of our best selling ranges of 2011!

If you will allow us a pretty weak pun, food is the bread and butter of what we do. A great part of embracing the wonderful world of the internet, has been the ability it’s given us to share our recipes more readily. We’ve also told you about a few of our great British food heroes. While we’re extremely proud of our cookbook, and highly recommend it to one and all, our shiny new blog has allowed us to spread our love of well-cooked British food.

Shepherd's Pie. One of our great British recipes of the year. And there were so many more! Tweed Kettle Pie, Finger Sandwiches, Chicken Soup and Treacle Pudding to name just a few!

We have been blown away by the positive response we have received here, on TwitterFacebook, and Youtube and we hope you all continue to spread the word. We have some exciting things planned for 2012, so please do keep coming back!

Otherwise, all that’s left to say is…. Happy New Year!

NY Daily News

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding boosts business for souvenir shops

Monday, April 25, 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding has been great for business.… (Tim Hales/AP)

Anglophiles are scarfing up royal wedding garb in Manhattan like cucumber sandwiches at high tea.

Shops that cater to New York City’s royal watchers are either completely out of Prince William and Kate Middleton souvenirs or down to their last few items.

“People were a lot more into it than we thought. Americans, too,” said an employee at Tea and Sympathy, a restaurant and store on the strip of Greenwich Ave. between 12th and 13th Sts. known as Little Britain.

“Rightly so, I suppose,” the worker said. “It’s the future king and queen of England.”

Tea and Sympathy ran out of teapots and large mugs emblazoned with the royal couple’s faces. All that are left are a few plates and teacups.

Mxyplyzyk, a specialty store across the street, is sold out of waving Queen Elizabeth figurines.

Working Class, a boutique on Duane St., had just one Prince William and Kate Middleton plate left, which it refuses to sell.

The royal wedding takes place Friday. Millions of people around the world are expected to tune in for the live broadcast of the nuptials.

Lyon Bouchon Moderne, a restaurant a few doors from Tea and Sympathy, is hosting a wedding watching party starting at 6 a.m., with traditional British food and drinks.

BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat

BBC Radio 1 is the most listened to radio station amongst young people in Britain. When they’re in New York, they know where to get themselves the best fish and chips – at A Salt and Battery of course, our adjoining chippy:

Royal wedding: New York City’s take on the big day

By Dave Howard
Newsbeat US reporter

Alta Swyers, 20 (left), thinks the royal wedding is 'very materialistic'

Deep-fried balls of battered wedding cake – just one of the ways New Yorkers are marking the royal wedding.

Around the city, you’ll find Brit-themed fancy dress parties.

The trendiest bars are serving Pimms, scones and old-fashioned afternoon tea and cakes.

The five-hour time difference means thousands plan to wake before dawn tomorrow (29 April), so they can see Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the knot live on giant outdoor screens.

Nicky Perry is organising an all-day street party outside her British shop and café Tea and Sympathy in south Manhattan.

‘Insane Frenzy’

“I have never seen such insane frenzy about anything in my entire life,” she said. “Americans are going crazy for it.

“We’ve got morris dancers, people are turning up in hats, wedding dresses. People are getting fitted for morning suits.”

Amy Miller has come to Nicky’s shop to buy Earl Grey tea.

“The pageantry, the romance,” she said. “It’s a fairy tale for us in the States that don’t have a monarchy.”

Nicky’s also sold out of Royal Wedding memorabilia like plates, cups and William and Kate scarves and T-shirts.

‘Wedding balls’

Next door, Matt Arnfield, 38, is the British chef at A Salt and Battery, a traditional fish and chip shop.

On the menu just now are ‘wedding balls,’ bite-sized portions of deep-fried wedding cake.

“It’s an iced heavy fruitcake with raisins and sultanas,” he said. “We batter it, and fry it up for about three minutes.

“Nobody else is doing it as far as I know,” he said.

He says he sold 60 last weekend and he’s expecting to sell at least the same again over the next few days.

Twenty-year-old Alta Swyers has been brought to A Salt and Battery by her boyfriend Morgan Callender, who’s also 20.

She is having her first ever meal of proper British fish and chips.

“I don’t care at all about the royal wedding,” she said.

“Everything I hear on the news networks is about what they’re wearing, and how much money they’re spending. It’s very materialistic.”


New Yorkers Cheer On Royal Wedding From Afar

England’s Prince William and Kate Middleton officially tied the knot Friday before millions of viewers across the globe, including many here in New York.

Their public displays of affection on the balcony of Buckingham Palace were well received with cheers and screams from the crowd of thousands who gathered outside to share in the wedding celebration.

The two were joined in an hour long ceremony at Westminster Abbey in front of 2,000 guests.

Hundreds of thousands around the world are believed to have tuned in to watch the couple exchange vows.

In Times Square, hundreds turned out for one of the many viewing parties being held around the city.

Those who spoke with NY1 say they’ve been looking forward to all the pomp and circumstance and that it’s history in the making. Some even got into the wedding spirit by dressing like royalty.

Many say the couple’s down to earth nature make them an easy pair to root for.

“They’re associating with the common people of Britain than Charles. He’s still not well-liked,” said one onlooker.

“It brings some realness to their family. Most common people want to feel they can relate to them. If she brings that to the mix then people are a little more excited about it,” said another.

A few dozen blocks away on Greenwich Avenue, British restaurant Tea and Sympathy hosted a wedding party too. For many, the love story is an escape.

“My 7-year-old has been enwrapped in the whole thing. It’s nice to have a nice piece of news and for everyone to celebrate a really lovely story instead of all the disaster that’s reported in the media,” said one wedding watcher.

“Everyone seems to be excited about it: Americans, Brits, everyone. I think a great deal of that is because William’s one of Diana’s boys and everyone loved Diana. I think it’s nice to see everything come full circle,” said another.

Kate’s dress was an elegant long sleeved lace gown designed by Sarah Burton for the Alexander McQueen label.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams officiated the ceremony.

The couple emerged from the abbey to thousands of onlookers waving British flags.

The two then headed to the palace in an open-topped horse drawn carriage.

Thousands lined the streets of London to catch a glimpse of the royals as they made their way back to the palace.

The prince and princess — now also known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge — are attending two parties: one hosted by the queen, and an evening dinner dance for close friends.

The British Invasion
Tue 26 Apr 2011 @ 08:52 | story by Ashley Van Buren

Royal wedding fever has made its way across the pond to America. To prepare for Friday’s festivities, I sat down with Nicky Perry, who introduced New Yorkers to delicious, home-style British food and a proper cuppa when she opened her first shop, Tea & Sympathy, in 1989. Two year later, she added Carry On Tea & Sympathy, an emporium of British-imported food stuffs, China, and British-themed paper goods. She followed that act up with her fish and chips shop, A Salt & Battery, all located next to each other on Greenwich Avenue in New York City’s West Village.

In addition to putting British food on the map in America, Nicky Perry and her staff (which includes waitresses who have worked in the shop for 16+ years, and chef who proudly told me he’s been in the kitchen since day one) have turned the cuisine and the restaurant into a destination spot for tourists and a hang out for locals. “We don’t hire the staff, they hire themselves,” says Nicky. “They have to love each other and the customers because they look after each other here and that shows.” In a restaurant that has ten tables and twenty seats, everyone is forced to develop a close relationship, even if it’s with the stranger at the next table during teatime, so everyone is dedicated to making it work in close quarters and keeping up the convivial atmosphere.

In honor of the royal wedding, Tea & Sympathy is pulling out all the stops. Nicky informs me of all their plans: “We’re going to decorate the street with bunting, we’ve commandeered the French restaurant [Lyon] on the corner, since we’re so tiny, and they’re going British for the day and we’re serving a British breakfast and broadcasting the wedding live on a large screen near the bar, which will play on a loop all day. All of the stores on the block even got into the act by decorating their windows and giving in to our incredible raffle, which is raising money for the royal couple’s charity. It’s nice to see every local shop getting into the spirit of it all.”

As for the wedding day food, Nicky isn’t cutting any corners, “We’re making Devils on Horseback, smoked salmon quail Scotch eggs, and samosas, lamb chops and mint gravy and kedgeree, which is very hard for us to make, and I’m not going to make any money off it, but I want to make it proper,” says Nicky. “For dessert, we’re doing Eton mess, and bread and butter pudding … and champagne, of course!”

If you can’t make it to Tea & Sympathy’s stateside celebration of the royal wedding, use Nicky’s menu as inspiration, search the recipes on for more ideas, and check in with our forum topic dedicated to sharing at-home royal wedding celebration menus.

While I talked with Nicky, an elderly British woman came in with a present she had been meaning to give Nicky for ten years. It was a small, vintage tea tin. Inside the tin was the tea company’s motto, which Nicky read out loud: “Celebrated for great strength, delicious flavor, and uniform good quality. Once used, always used.” Without missing a beat, Nicky remarked, “It’s like Tea & Sympathy, darling.”

If you are in Manhattan on Friday, April 29th, the festivities kick-off at 6:00am at Lyon (118 Greenwich Ave NY, NY) and go between Tea & Sympathy (108-110 Greenwich Ave) starting at 10:30am and Lyon throughout the rest of the day (and well into the weekend). From tea and scones to bagpipers, pop musicians, and even a bit of a block party, a British invasion indeed.


New Yorkers greet royal wedding with fancy dress, fascinators and fry-ups

Diehard royal fans celebrate Kate and William’s nuptials but for most it’s business as usual

Hadley Freeman in New York, Friday 29 April 2011 15.47 BST

Revelers in New York toast the royal couple at a viewing party beneath the Manhattan bridge. Photograph: Erik Pendzich/Rex Features

“He knocked off my fascinating!” cried Laura Martin, 55, in full evening dress complete with enormous jewelled brooch (“Fake – don’t tell the Queen!”) as she glared at a jogger disappearing towards the Hudson River, before stooping down to pick her fasincator off the sidewalk.

“It’s a fascinate, Laura,” said her friend, in a similarly implausible outfit for 6am. “Fascinate.”

It wasn’t so much a tale of two cities in New York as a tale of two sides of the street. On one side of Greenwich Avenue stores were decked with union flag bunting in preparation for the afternoon’s street party. People took fashion cues from Me and My Girl and Four Weddings and a Funeral queued up outside Lyon restaurant hoping to get inside for the special wedding breakfast with screens set up to allow diners to judge Kate’s dress while they ate fried bread. Any journalist with a British accent was immediately assumed to be a royal expert, even one from the soi-disant republican Guardian.

“We’re not going to have to eat English food, right?” fretted one gentleman outside, topped and tailed. “I just wanna see the wedding.”

Unfortunately for him they did, as it was fry-ups all round. But New Yorker Elizabeth Lang, 51, who was already inside and sporting a tiara, had reassuring words for him: “You know this isn’t too bad – I was worried as I thought the English food would be a little dicey,” she said as she carefully left her baked beans untouched.

“Who’d have thought, a French restaurant doing an English breakfast,” marvelled Ben Mann in a morning suit as he leaned upon his cane, and one of the few Brits to be found.

“It’s not the first time the British have invaded and saved France – 1939 and all that,” smirked Sean Cavanagh-Dowsett, the British owner of the nearby English-themed restaurant and shop, Tea and Sympathy, in full pearly king regalia.

“It’s our job to be English today,” explained Mann.

“It’s such a shame Diana isn’t here,” said Kevin de l’Aigle, an American sporting a union flag t-shirt and Kate’n’Wills badge while he, too, left his baked beans untouched. “But I’m sure she’s here in spirit.”

Actually Diana was there, and celebrating with great enthusiasm: Diana Zorek, age 5.

“I love the wedding! I love princesses!” she announced, and proved it by wearing a Disney princess outfit. But as “really pretty” as she thought Kate Middleton’s wedding dress was, she hadn’t usurped her favourite princess from the top spot: Ariel from the Little Mermaid.

The other side of the street may as well have been a different country. Almost directly opposite the postcard recreation of all things parodically English was a similarly cliched, if more accurate, image of New York: a gym. Young men in various lycra get-ups that would surely permit no ingestion of fried bread jogged on into Equinox gym for early morning workouts, headphones plugged firmly into their ears, blocking out the shrieks from across the street.

“No, I don’t care about the wedding at all to be honest,” said Matthew Reinhardt. “If it’s on the TV screens inside I guess I’ll watch it. Maybe it will help me run faster on the treadmill.”

Back across the street there was no time for republican scepticism: Sean Cavanagh-Dowsett and his wife, Nicky Perry, were organising the afternoon’s street party where fish and chips, cups of tea and someone from Squeeze who wasn’t Jools Holland would be there, apparently representing some vision of Great Britain.

“To us Kate and William are the prince and princess on top of the cake, they’re the happily ever after,” said New Yorker Linda Siciliana in black tie garb, apparently unbothed by the Windsors’ somewhat dubious marital record.

“I think this is such a great day,” said Californian Diana Modica from beneath her Kate Middleton face mask. “How can anyone resist this?”

But by 7am someone was beginning to resist: Diana Zorek, who announced that she was “SO tired” after having risen so early in the morning.

Was she still feeling like a princess?

“Yes,” she replied, falling asleep on her father Michael’s shoulder, oblivious to the jogger running right past her. “Sleeping Beauty.”