Robert Irvine Loves Our Victoria Sponge Cake

Robert Irvine is a British celebrity chef and expat with a sweet tooth and a taste for delicious British cakes. He’s thankful to Tea & Sympathy for serving up a Victoria Sandwich Cake in New York City, “as good as it is back home.”

The camera crew for The Best Thing I Ever Ate came down to the restaurant, interviewed Nicky and tried our Victoria Sandwich, with delicious consequences. Thank You Robert Irvine!

Tea & Sympathy on the Food Network

We’ve previously blogged the recipe for our Victoria Sponge cake here, and you’ll also find it in our cookbook, which we sell in store. Our book makes the perfect Christmas gift, and Nicky will even sign copies now she’s such a big TV star!!!


Royal Wedding coverage – ABC News

We were utterly thrilled by how much attention our little old teashop received around the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. People traveled far and wide (seriously – Japanese coverage to be posted soon!) to hear how we felt about this most fabulous of marriages. Busy newsmen and women they me have been but they all seemed to have the time to stay for a cuppa tea and a slice of cake or two! Who can blame ’em…

First up, in no particular order (well, maybe alphabetically), is what the lovely people at ABC News had to say about us: