Customer Pictures Make Us Happy

We were over the moon when we found these fabulous images from Hocus Kocis’ trip to Tea & Sympathy. Beautiful images and we love the layout. If you take photos while dining with us, please send them our way, eitehr on Twitter @TeaAndSympathy, on or on Instagram @TeaAndSympathyNYC. Gorgeous!


Pregnant Nicky, Austin Powers & Our Black Cab

Another trip down memory lane for you, and a bit of a bizarre. Here’s Nicky, four months pregnant posing with an Austin Powers impersonator and our black London taxi. We’re sure there’s a great story behind this, but it’s been long forgotten!

Sean, Joss Stone & Virgin Atlantic: The Campaign for ‘Little Britain’

Here are some great photographs from our campaign, backed by Virgin Atlantic, to have our corner of NYC renamed Little Britain. Joss Stone, the brilliant English singer, flew the flag and accompanied Sean to the ‘Little Britain’ press conference to petition for the change.

Seeing these pictures reminds us of the fun we’ve had down Greenwich Avenue. With the Royal Wedding barely behind us, plans for the Queen’s Jubilee this June are well and truly in motion. We’re sure you trust us when we say we have something BIG up our sleeve… Stay tuned!!

Sean & Joss Stone on Greenwich Avenue.

Brits abroad!

Joss poses with our London taxi.

Characters of Little Britain, Part 2

After yesterday’s feature on London cabby John Darrow, here’s another remarkable customer. Always upholding an impeccable sartorial standard, this Gentleman (with a well-deserved capital ‘G’) never turns up in anything less than full top and tails for his afternoon tea. His presence adds an unmistakable element of refinement to our dining room, and he puts a very broad smile on all the girls faces just by walking through the door. So, next time you’re thinking of coming by, perhaps take a leaf out of his book and don your finest glad rags!

Characters of Little Britain

If Family Feud asked the question ‘What do you associate with Greenwich Village?’, we’d bet our right leg it wouldn’t be long until someone replied ‘interesting characters’. Right after ‘tea’, ‘scones’ and ‘great Shepherd’s pie‘, of course. In honour of the people who make this neck of the woods great we’re going to run a mini-feature today and tomorrow on a couple of characters who’ve caught our eye in the village of late.

First up, is John Darrow. Not a local, but visiting from Blighty, his cockney charms kept us well entertained. A real, living London cabby, he went mental when he saw Sean’s taxi, and begged to have a go. We obliged, but insisted on sticking Nicky in the back!!

Tune in tomorrow for: Top Hat Man!

Branston Pickle

We thought we’d take a little break from our weekly guide of British chocolate bars, and bring you something a little more savory. Branston Pickle, named after the small village it was first produced Branston in 1922, is a vegetable relish, commonly partnered with cheddar cheese, or a ploughman’s lunch. The most important thing – it’s utterly delicious!

Always made using the same recipe, the specifics are kept under lock and key. However, it is known to contain swede, carrots, onions, cauliflower and gherkins, pickled in a sauce of vinegar, tomato, apple, dates, mustard, coriander, garlic, cinnamon and cayenne pepper. Its tangy, vinegary flavor, balanced by the hum of spices, has won it millions of fans, including Catherine Zeta-Jones and Naomi Campbell – apparently!

This delicious example of traditional British flavors and cooking methods, almost had its day back in 2004, in what became known as the ‘Pickle Crisis’. A fire destroyed the Branston factory, cutting stocks in half and pushing prices up as devoted fans panic-bought. Now back at full production… Naomi will be happy!

We sell Branston Pickle in-store, and also serve it with our welsh rarebit, and cheese & pickle sandwich, both of which we serve in the restaurant and deliver. If you’re thinking about lunch, why not go for a crusty white sandwich, and see for yourself… it works a treat for a hangover!

Our cheese & pickle sandwiches are served sans salad as standard. If you'd like lettuce and tomato, just ask and we'll happily add it!

The Campaign for Little Britain

A few years back, we spearheaded a campaign to have our neighborhood renamed ‘Little Britain’. There’s a Little Italy and a China Town, so why shouldn’t our anglified corner of Greenwich Village, and the numerous Brit expats who live here, be recognised? Richard Branson, and other notable Brits agreed, and produced this video outlining the cause:

Unsuccessful the first time round, it seems the campaign’s embers still smoulder. Last week, Gothamist ran a piece entitled ‘Time to Cede Greenwich Avenue to the Brits?’ Recalling the campaign, the article states:

Something funny happened in the five years since. The area, which already had a few Anglo-friendly spots, went and got more British. Maybe it’s time to dust off the old moniker?

It goes on:

With the addition the lovely Whitehall a bit further east, you really could spend a day there without worrying about getting any Yankee filth in your stomach. Brunch at Whitehall, tea at Tea, dinner at A Salt, drinks at Fiddlesticks and boom! You’ve had a British staycation in the Village.

So, is the campaign about to be reignited? We couldn’t possibly say…

A sign of things to come?

New York Magazine Food Delivery Guide


Here’s a link to a food delivery guide put together by New York Magazine last year. As you can see, they’ve given our Shepherd’s Pie the model treatment – lights, studio, beautiful photography. We’re very proud – a true food icon.

We deliver every night of the week until 10.30pm (10pm on Sundays). You can find us on Seamless Web or give us a call: 212-989-9735.