Yorkshire Tea feature Tea & Sympathy

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: Yorkshire Gold makes a great cuppa. The jury’s still out on how it fairs against PG Tips, it’s certainly up there with the best tea that Britain has to offer. We featured their full length advert last week, and here, in addition, is a mini-feature they made specifically on us. Aren’t we lucky!


Tea & Sympathy in Yorkshire Gold Advert

While to the casual visitor, Little Britain may seem a bastion of English tranquility, a fierce debate rages beneath the surface that, at points, threatens to tear the British expat community apart. Indeed, in epic terms worthy of the Bard, whole households are riven of this particular point of contention. But fear not, it is an argument that surges in our veins, and has divided and united Great Britain along battle lines for many years now, and shows no signs of letting up. The big question is: what’s your favorite cuppa?

Each and every member of staff at Tea & Sympathy has their own perfect brew. Type of tea; length of steeping; order of hot water, sugar and milk; along with a thousand other variables play their part. As harmless as it seems, you should never ask a roomful of Brits the question ‘fancy a cuppa?’, without due preparation. Especially when you consider the reprecussions of serving someone a cup of Assam with milk and two sugars, when actually they were after a black Earl Grey with a slice of lemon…

Delicious... but divisive!

But there’s no denying that Yorkshire Gold is on our all-time short list. Devilishly strong, packed with character, and quintessentially British, it makes a great go-to cup. Which is why we couldn’t possibly have said no when they asked us to appear in this advert, in which their tea van reunites US Brits with a proper mug of chai:

Tea wars!

Bleeding Nora! It’s all kicking off on the tea front. Who could have thought such a delicious beverage would cause so much grief. Well, the Boston Tea Party perhaps, but let’s not get into that… Here’s two articles from back in Blighty, that show this powerful brew isn’t to be messed with.

Broken china!

First up, war has been waged over the trademark for a whole bloody county! And not just any old county but Yorkshire, the biggest one we’ve got! As an interesting aside, English folklore has it that there are the exact same number of acres in Yorkshire as there are letters in the Bible. Whether this is true or not is beyond us; if you’ve ever counted, please get in touch. Yorkshire Tea, made by Taylors of Harrogate have gone after young upstarts Jeeves & Jericho, for claiming they can make a tea that does Yorkshire justice. We’d hate to get involved, but you can test this out yourself: we sell Yorkshire Red and the premium band Yorkshire Gold in-store, and we can ship.

As if that weren’t enough, tea brand Twinings have been hounded into reverting to their classic Earl Grey blend by “furious tea drinkers” who were unhappy when they tweaked with their favorite cuppa. We’re more than confident that our own blend – at $11.50 a 1/4lb is up to scratch, so any disaffected Twinings fans out there – get in touch and sample our brew!

Hopefully order will soon be restored in the usually quiet world of tea. In the meantime, put the kettle on would ya.